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Joshua Abrams and Warren Abrams help me get my felony assault charge dismissed.

Joshua Abrams and Warren Abrams help me get my felony assault charge dismissed. They were very helpful through the entire process. Thank you!!!

Jack Jones

You will not regret hiring his team to represent you!

I hired Joshua Abrams and he was the biggest advocate for me on one of the worst days of my life. Joshua’s communication with me throughout the months of my ongoing trial had me always kept in the loop through the end until my case was finished. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are aware of what he is working on and what you need to be doing in the meantime. His entire office staff at his law firm is knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive through the entire case and expungement process. You will not regret hiring his team to represent you!!

Sally Book

Who do you call when you have a 0.131 BAC in a DWI arrest? That’s right! Better call Warren.

Who do you call when you have a 0.131 BAC in a DWI arrest? That’s right! Better call Warren. Working with Mr. Warren Abrams, Joshua and their team are a relief to work with. It is next to impossible to win a case such as mine especially in COLLIN COUNTY with a blood test score of 0.131. But Warren and his team won my DWI jury trial with a blood test. I am an immigrant and it was very unfortunate for me to land in this situation and it is very difficult to deal with DWI as an immigrant. Warren was very patient in hearing me out and suggested me to work with an immigration attorney while he worked on the DWI case. That was reassuring for me in a sense that all my problems were being taken care of. It is such a relief for me now that we won the case and the nightmare had ended. He still working with me now even after the case to get my charge expunged. I now, do not have to pay court fees, take probation and any other fines. All thanks to Warren, Joshua, Rose, and Rhea. Thank you everyone of you for supporting me all along.

Sunny Albrich

Warren Abrams and Joshua Abrams helped me get a fantastic result on two cases.

Warren Abrams and Joshua Abrams helped me get a fantastic result on two cases. I received a criminal tresspass and resisting arrest that has now been dismissed. Thanks to both of them, I now have my life back.

Sam Adams

Mr. Warren Abrams is an unbelievable lawyer.

I was charged with a DWI after blowing a .12 and consulted several lawyers before ultimately choosing Mr. Abrams. The first time I walked into his office all of my stress immediately subdued. He assured me everything was going to work out, and work out it did! Mr. Abrams got all of my charges dropped within the first 8 months!! The case never even made it to court, it was dropped at the preliminary hearing. Not only was Mr. Abrams a brilliant lawyer but he and his office were parent figures as well. They would check up on me weekly just to make sure everything was going smoothly. I can not say enough good words about Mr. Abrams, he is truly a professional. I recommend him to anyone that gets a DWI/DUI charge.


From the moment I sat down with Mr. Abrams I knew he was the attorney I needed.

He had a plan of action immediately that would cover every possible angle to save me from wrongful felony charges. He is not the type of professional who says “We’ll just wait and see how things play out”. Mr. Abrams met me on his day off and jumped right into action; he hired a third party private investigator, set up a polygraph test and got his office working on a substantial case of evidence. I have never been accused of a crime before and it is a scary road to travel. Mr. Abrams has been there with me and my wife the entire time. When you do sit down in that courtroom you want Warren Abrams sitting next to you. My felony charge has been dropped because of the hard work Mr. Abrams and his office put into my case. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND!


Warren Abrams is a brilliant Dallas defense attorney.

From the first visit to his office, my stress and anxiety resulting from a first time DWI was immediately managed and eased by Warren. I’d never been involved in the criminal justice system prior to this incident. Warren Abrams and his exceedingly competent staff took the issue over and eliminated the uncertainty and stress. Warren is HIGHLY skilled without the arrogance so often associated with lawyers. He excels in the courtroom and was ultimately able to engineer a deal in which my DWI was eliminated and reduced to a lesser charge (even with a scientific breath test, unfavorable dash camera tape and field test in state’s evidence). I would VERY HIGHLY recommend Warren Abrams for any criminal defense case!!!!!


Let me just say that I have no words to express the gratitude my family and I have for Mr. Abrams.

My Fiancé had a ridiculous case against him, but due to him having prior convictions, we were really worried about it! Warren spent over 18 months working on it. He took the time to explain everything to me and advise me of exactly how to handle the situation. His office (Rose & Rhea) would even call just to check on me and my girls and reassure us through this horrible time. That said a lot about their character! We were treated as people, not just another dollar sign. (After the case was over, he requested an invite to the wedding, which he’ll get, but that just shows how genuine he truly is!! As for the case, he was able to get My Fiancé 18 mths from 15 yrs!! I am so thankful for everything he and his staff have done and will recommend him to everyone I know!


Mr. Abrams worked a miracle and won my breath test trial!!!

I was arrested for DWI, given all field sobriety tests, and a breath test. I looked really good on video, but I blew a .14. Mr. Abrams was the 3rd attorney I interviewed based on a friend’s referral, and I immediately knew he was the one! He was so knowledgeable, made me feel at ease and calmed my nerves, and gave me confidence there was a chance to beat this thing, especially because of my video. We proceeded to trial, he was so amazing in court, very knowledgeable and impressive, and really fought for me. Mr. Abrams pulled a rabbit out a hat at the last minute and proposed non probable cause for arrest, in which no evidence after such arrest would be admissible. Well low and behold the jury came back and agreed… NOT GUILTY! You ROCK Warren!!!! Not to mention your staff is awesome!!! So helpful, caring, comforting, and reassuring!


Warren Abrams – Best Lawyer. Mr. Abrams was nothing short of brilliant when it came to getting me off my DWI.

I met with several lawyers but Mr. Abrams stood out from the rest. What made him different was that he actually cared about you, you were not just a number his eyes. I was charged with a DWI with blowing a .12 so the odds were stacked against me. It only took about 8 months for him to clear me of everything. He called me weekly to check up with me and made sure everything was alright. I really acted as a father figure which relieved a lot of my stress. Not only was Mr. Abrams a brilliant lawyer but he is also well connected throughout the DFW area with respect to the law. Mr. Abrams knows numerous judges which is really helpful when it comes to the judges ruling. I would only recommend Mr. Warren Abrams when it comes to all DWI/DUI cases.


Incredible Attorney and Staff.

I was facing multiple felonies all carrying a heavy penalty so I called Warren Abrams at the advice of a friend. I was told he was the best and that he was the defense I needed… well known, well networked, fierce and effective. So I hired him. With Mr. Abrams help, the DA’s investigation ended and all charges were dropped. Mr. Abrams continually went above and beyond for me and his staff was always extremely helpful. I highly recommended him!


Mr. Abrams is the best attorney I have seen by far!

He helped me through a situation that was uncalled for, I went to several attorney’s and none reassured me the way Mr. Abrams did. After weeks of stress and not knowing what to do I was able to get sleep at night after I met with him. The entire staff at his firm is kind and caring and that goes a long way when you are facing an issue that can change your life and the lives of your family. I am grateful for you all and pray that the Lord continues to bless your firm for years to come. Thank you. God Bless you all.





The best attorney in Dallas.

I am a young man that was accused of a DWI 2nd. Using Mr. Abrams in the past I knew that I needed the best of the best. We took my case to court and won. I am completely and utterly satisfied with Mr. Abrams and his staff. There was no charge for fax or phone calls at any point, Just one low flat charge that I was able to make payments on. I am ecstatic to consider Mr. Abrams my only and family attorney. I do and will be continuing to use Mr. Abrams for any and all legal issues in the future. With how reasonably priced, And the Level of professionalism of Mr. Abrams and his staff I recommend him to anyone.


Great Attorney.

I spent a lot of time talking to friends and getting advise on which attorneys to talk to. I ended up walking away from all of them. After some research online, Mr. Abrams was very highly rated and I can now see why. Mr. Abrams changed my outlook on attorneys after my previous experiences with them. I didn’t feel like just a case number. His whole office treated me with respect and I felt comfortable being there. He’s knowledgeable, communicative, and confident in the system and his abilities. I will be recommending him to anyone who needs an exceptional attorney.


There is no one like Mr. Warren Abrams.

In my situation, I started with a different attorney. Then a coworker told me about Warren Abrams being the very best of the very best, and that I would get my life back if I would just sit for a consultation with him. We took their advice and the moment my wife and I met with Mr. Abrams and his staff, we knew instantly that I had to be represented by Mr. Abrams. He brought to us an immediate sense that everything was going to be OK. We were finally able to sleep that night. Working with Mr. Abrams and his staff has turned out to be one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made in my life. Mr. Abrams kept me out of jail and resolved my case in a way that I am 100% confident would have been unachievable by anyone else. Mr. Abrams gave me my life back.

mark banar

GOD BLESS WARREN ABRAMS, Very Professional and Knowledgeable, Warren is the BEST!!! Warren Abrams, A man with Integrity, Honesty and Trust.

I had a very critical situation, and may have gotten deported if it was not for Warren to assist with my criminal case which played a big part on my legal status. Right from the start of the case, he put me to ease and guided me correctly. He understood my anxiety . Warren is a dedicated Attorney and doesn’t give up easily, he is a go-getter!!! He communicated every single move and progress on my case. Believe me the case was a complicated one, but Warren got it COMPLETELY DISMISSED!!! He made the Impossible –“POSSIBLE” you can trust him, just hang in there, he will get you the best judgment. He is a lawyer who is compassionate, knowledgeable and sincere!!! . He is not at all money driven would highly recommend Mr. Warren Abrams!! Believe me words are very little to express my gratitude towards him. Thank you Warren, you are simply the best!!!


Exceptional and amazing!

My wife and I searched in person and online for a worthy, trusted, honest and competent attorney to represent me on a prostitution charge After fruitless and endless consultations with attorneys all around the Dallas area, I began to loose hope of ever finding someone to look into my case specifically rather than generalizing my situation or second guessing my side of the event. Finally, my wife found Mr. Warren Abrams of which I am so thankful she did. The moment we arrived at his office, the staff were so hospitable and encouraging and that really calmed both of us down. After speaking with Mr. Abrams we both knew right away that he was the right person to represent me. Mr. Abrams went above and beyond with my case. His work is clearly from his heart and he treated my family like his own. The decision of hiring a lawyer is critical and I do not regret it. His superb knowledge of the law helps me tremendously by getting the charge dismissed, and the criminal record is eligible to be expunged. I have a chance to fulfill my dreams because he cares. Thank you Warren 🙂


Thank you so much Mr. Abrams and staff!!

I had 2, 10 year old warrants and decided it was time to take care of them. I contacted several attorney’s trying to get information about what needed to happen and none of them really sounded like they’ve dealt with anything like this before and didn’t seem to interested in helping me. Finally I contacted Mr. Abrams office and he called me back that same day. From the first phone call he made me feel at ease and ready to deal with the issues ahead of me. I came to town to finally meet Mr. Abrams and turn myself in, from the moment I stepped into his office it was nothing but positive! He got my felony warrant taken care of without me even having to turn myself in! Not only was it taken care of, he got it completely dismissed!!! Then we still had a warrant to take care of in a different county. He also was able to get that one dismissed! Mr. Abrams is honestly the best attorney and is very knowledgeable in what he does. He made me feel 100% confident in my cases and was such a pleasure to work with! I definitely recommend him for your legal needs!

Rita Fennewald

very ethical board certified attorney.

do yourself a favor and hire a competant lawyer like Mr Abrams.


Warren Abrams was a life saver.

He is extremely professional and knows the court system. He was able to plead my DWI charge down to an obstruction of justice charge. He was not only personal, caring, and kind, but experienced and knowledgeable in navigating this difficult case.

k h

He is the only one that ever had my back

Warren Abrams is the best lawyer in Dallas Texas… You can trust this man… He is the only one that ever had my back

Deana Banister

Mr. Abrams is by far the most intelligent, respectful, and determined lawyer I have had the pleasure of working with thus far.

He handled my case with the utmost care and did everything in his abilities to make sure the ruling was in my favor. Not only was he focused on making sure I won this case, but he also took his personal time in order to instill valuable life lessons within me, lessons that I will carry on far into the future. I highly recommend Mr. Abrams for anyone and everyone who wishes to work with a lawyer that devotes much of his time and effort into making sure that the clients’ needs are fulfilled.

Snj Thmz

Experienced and compassionate, so thankful for Mr. Abrams

After an unexpected family violence charge, I found myself in need of an attorney. I came into Mr. Abrams office anxious and nervous, but after talking with Warren I knew that I had found the right attorney. Warren went above and beyond anything I could’ve ever asked to get my case dismissed, and I cannot thank him enough for treating my case with the utmost compassion and professionalism. I will always recommend Mr. Abrams to anyone who finds themselves in a similar legal predicament and thanks to him I can start focusing on my life again.


I highly recommend Mr. Abrams to anyone needing legal counsel.

When my wife (now ex-wife) filed false allegations against me during our ongoing divorce case, Mr. Abrams went above and beyond to prove my innocence. Due to Mr. Abrams extensive knowledge of the legal system, he was able to prove my innocence to the assistant district attorney without ever going to trial. Mr. Abrams’ swift actions resulted in my case being dismissed in the interest of justice. Mr. Abrams and his staff carefully listened to all my concerns and addressed every question in a timely manner.


I’m forever in your debt!

I had a case out of Dallas county for 3rd degree felony theft! This is the first time I have been in any kind of trouble so I was very scared. Spoke to other lawyers but none made me feel safer or optimistic then Mr Abrams! This was a very serious charge and just like Mr. Abrams told me from the beginning that I would face no jail time! I didn’t think it was possible but he made it happen! Mr. Abrams tells you how it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything! As long as you do what he says you will be fine! Mr. Abrams always calls back and answers any questions you have. He has never failed to call me back even if it was 5,6,7 o’clock he was there. I hope this review helps someone as much as I needed it! My family couldn’t be anymore grateful what him and his staff has done rhia and rose are also the best! I thank you Mr. Abrams from the bottom of my heart, I also thank you for fighting for my freedom and allowing me the opportunity to keep it!


Mr. Abrams highly recommended.

I was facing a felony theft in Dallas County and being my first time ever in trouble, my girlfriend went online to find the top lawyers in the DFW area. She read through several reviews finally narrowing it down to 3-4 lawyers (we had consultations with all four). However, when we walked in Mr. Abrams office we were greeted with friendly smiles by staff & the meeting with Mr. Abrams I felt he was straight forward. My girlfriend & I left feeling like he knew his profession very well & he was the right lawyer for my situation. After a long stressful two year of waiting on Dallas county, my case was dismissed. I’m so grateful for the discussion that was made, I’m glad I had a lawyer that fought & believed in me. My girlfriend & I are grateful and I finally have a second chance to continue to move past my legal situation so I can do better in life. Mr. Abrams will forever be respected in both of our eyes.

Best Time

I highly recommend him to anyone who is facing an unfortunate criminal charge!

As a doctor, I had never thought that I would ever be arrested for a frivolous criminal charge. Nonetheless, it happened. I contacted Mr. Abrams office and he promptly responded on a Weekend evening. Their office attends the calls 24 hours a day. The person who I spoke to was very compassionate and helped alleviate my anxiety. Further meetings with Mr. Abrams put me at ease and gave me back my lost confidence. Mr. Abrams worked tirelessly throughout the 2 months till the court date, helped me face all the legal challenges and enquiries that took place during this period,met with me on Sunday mornings accommodating my busy schedule and prepared an excellent packet for Grand Jury hearing. My case was dismissed with his help! Mr Abrams is a good man, not practicing his profession just to make money. He wants to do what is best for his clients.

Doc Man

Warren Abrams – Dedicated, Motivated, Determined.

I would like to start off by giving a HUGE Thank You to Mr. Abrams and his wonderful staff (Rhea and Rose). I met Mr. Abrams through a friend of mine, he had some trouble with the law and Mr. Abrams was working his case. Mr. Abrams won my friends case and was highly recommended, fast forward time and I have a Public Intoxication case against me. Mr. Abrams took care of that case from then on I knew if I ever needed a lawyer he would be the one to go to. 1 year later I get stopped DUI/DWI along with a Possesion of a Firearm. I thought my life was over! Not only did Mr. Abrams beat both cases (case dismissed). He also assured me that I would not be serving time in jail! That was my biggest fear! During this time of going back and forth to court I would receive calls every now and then from either his office or Mr. Abrams himself. Those calls really calmed my nerves and made me feel more cared for rather than just seen as dollar bills. If you have any legal issues please save yourself the time and money see Mr. Abrams. You will notice as soon as you step foot in his office all the awards Mr. Abrams has earned through hard work, motivation, and dedication to his job. The law.


Mr. Warren Abrams works and fights for what is right for you.

Communication with you , excellent. He knows the laws .When I walked in and met Mr. Warren Abrams I was amazed. My son was in jail, drug charges. I was beside myself. He sat down, had his assistant looked up his charges made some phone calls, told me what was going on and I hadn’t even hired him! He LISTENS and you can call his office and ask them something you want to ask Mr. Abrams and they will text him and in the same day he calls you back. Yes he calls you. He tells you everything he is going to do. Yes, he did exactly what he said he was going to do. They took my son down to court where he wasn’t even suppose to be. Called Mr. Abrams and he was down at court and got him out of it. He knows what he is doing and his years of experience shows it. You are in the loop at all times. His office and himself are like a fine oiled machine. It was a very stressful time and yet you knew everything was under control and the BEST was taking care of it. I don’t no the law but wanted things explained to me and Mr. Abrams had no problem explaining it to me. He is ABSOLUTELY the best. You want someone that knows the law, listens, communicates with you, and fights for you, and keeps you on top of everything he is doing, then I strongly suggest you hire Mr. Warren N. Abrams. When you meet him, and you see him work, you WILL be glad you hired him. You want to trust your lawyer, believe in him because he is helping you or your loved one. He did a great job for my son. He doesn’t stop there. Helping him with is drivers license and talking with him. Hire him, watch him work for YOU.


Stop looking. Don’t think. Call Mr. Abrams’ office right now.

In October of 2017, I was arrested in Irving county and charged with a 3rd-degree felony, facing TEN YEARS in prison. I called Mr. Abrams’ office and got a call back within an hour – on a Saturday.The first thing Warren Abrams did was get the 3rd-degree FELONY charged reduced to a misdemeanor. (Huge.) The next thing he did was get the misdemeanor charge DISMISSED COMPLETELY. I went from facing 10 years in prison due to a 3rd-degree felony to having all of it dismissed, all in the span of 3 months. No probation, no community service, and (most importantly), no jail time whatsoever. Additionally, Mr. Abrams’s office staff could not have been more helpful and reassuring throughout the entire process. They weren’t just professional, they actually CARE, and will talk to you like you talk to family. They answer every call, even if the reason you’re calling is because you just need some reassurance. They are courteous, responsive, and take your case as seriously as if it were their own. Also, keep in mind Mr. Abrams is one of the few board-certified criminal attorneys in the Dallas court system, which means he has a deep understanding of both the prosecution’s approach as well as the defense. This background proved to be an enormous benefit in my situation. There is no doubt in my mind that I found absolutely the best representation possible in Mr. Abrams. If you are in need of a criminal attorney anywhere in the Dallas area, my advice to you is this: Stop looking. Don’t think. Call Mr. Abrams’ office right now.

Helpful Human

Best attorney ever! I am so thankful for Mr. Abrams. He truly saved my life!

I had a theft case that I was so worried about it ruining my life and causing me to lose my job but I contacted Mr. Abrams and he spoke with me right away and assured me that he would take care of everything. He was right! He was able to get my charge dismissed and I was able to keep my job and my life on track thanks to him!!!


I had a felony robbery case that Attorney Warren Abrams worked through to get dismissed!

I had a felony robbery case that Attorney Warren Abrams worked through to get dismissed. This gave me my life back and opened up opportunities for me to grow in my career. I’m so blessed to have found him! I would recommend him 150%

Gave me my life back and opened up opportunities for me to grow in my career!

I had a felony robbery case that Attorney Warren Abrams worked through to get dismissed. This gave me my life back and opened up opportunities for me to grow in my career. I’m so blessed to have found him! I would recommend him 150%

Sarah Wilson

Joshua Abrams did a great job getting my felony drug charge dismissed and my felony drug charge probation violation dropped.

I would highly recommend Joshua for anyone who needs an aggressive attorney and wants to win their case. Thank you for getting me through this difficult time. Having my life in his hands and making this go away.

Lee Jackson

Best Criminal Team of Lawyers

Best Criminal Team of Lawyers in DFW I had a felony theft charge was going to ruin my life and my career. I had no idea where to begin and or what to do! I called the law office of Warren Abrams and they had me come immediately the same afternoon to the office. Warren and Joshua Abrams beat the case and now I am going to clear my record and move on with my life. I can not express my gratitude. Thank you so much!!

Lisa Stanton

Joshua Abrams was so nice and kind

Amazing job getting my 2nd degree felony drug charge out of Rockwall County dismissed!! Joshua Abrams was so nice and kind and every time I contacted him, responded ASAP!!! AMEN ! Second chance at life.

Kate Minton

Misdemeanor case dismissed.

Josh and Warren where able to get my misdemeanor case dismissed in Collin county with the strongest language possible in a timely manner.

Joshua Abrams was not only a great lawyer but a great bastion of support.

My case went viral in a certain media sector. I thought the FBI was going to come knocking on my door. Throughout this time Joshua Abrams was not only a great lawyer but a great bastion of support. A friend that I could be honest to. And helped me get along a storm. I highly recommend him. And could never think of any other attorney I would trust with any legal problems.
Sabrina Ventura

Mr. Abrams helped me greatly and helped to get my life back.

I once got my self into two misdemeanor cases in Denton county and it looked very bad. I came to Mr. Abrams for help and he was able to dismiss one and dropped the second.  When I went looking for an attorney initially, a lot of them just want to get the case without hearing the story. Mr Abrams was the only one who took his time to listen and apprehend the full story. He helped me greatly and helped to get my life back.

Mr. Abrams handled my felony assault charge and got it dismissed.

Mr. Abrams handled my felony assault charge and got it dismissed. He is a great attorney. Thank you.
L’Genius Williams

Warren and Josh Abrams are the best criminal lawyers in town!

Got my DWI dismissed and getting my records cleared, thank God! I highly recommend these guys, they will get the job done!!
Alex Johnson


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